US Payroll

Centricity implements and customizes Rippling’s Payroll app & integrated other tools, including Time & Attendance, Expense Management and Benefits Administration, to allow you to sync all your business’s HR & benefits data with payroll – so you never have to use a calculator or manually enter hours and deductions.

We will also save you hours of reconciliation work each month by creating custom policies that sync your payroll and expense data to your general ledger and automatically categorize each account’s fields by leveraging Rippling’s dynamic general ledger mapping.

Rippling automatically calculates and files your payroll taxes with the right federal, state, and local agencies — even when employees move.

With Rippling’s mobile app, your employees can see their paystubs, request time off, and even view their W-2s on the go.

From I-9s to W-2s, Rippling manages tax and compliance work, keeping your organization compliant with the correct forms, laws and regulations.


Global Payroll and Workforce Management

Rippling’s Global Payroll option allows you to hire, pay and manage people worldwide.

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    New Hires

    Set up new hires with everything they need to be productive — from devices to training — no matter where they are.

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    All Currencies

    Pay all of your employees and contractors around the world without waiting on currency transfers or conversion.

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    All-in-One Solution

    Manage HR, IT, and Finance in one unified system.

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    Automate your global compliance.