Workflow Automation

Rippling’s Workflow Automation allows for the automation of nearly any manual HR, IT or Finance process across multiple systems at once, with no coding required.

Workflow Automation is based on your company’s unique employee data, so you can automate simple one-step tasks, like sending onboarding emails to new hires – or complex multi-step tasks with conditional, daisy-chained workflows. You can initiate Slack messages, meeting invites, system updates, and much more based on your custom triggers.
With Rippling’s Workflow Studio, you can trigger actions across core HR, IT, and Finance systems— like your payroll, device, and expense management systems — as well as third-party apps, like Slack and Zendesk. And because Rippling is the source of truth for all employee data, it’s able to automatically trigger the right actions, to the right people, at the right time.

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HR Workflow Example

IT Workflow Example

Finance Workflow Example

Engineering Workflow Example