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We combine our high-touch service with Rippling’s Workforce Management Platform to automate key business systems & processes in support of employees and Independent Contractors alike — all in one modern, intuitive platform built to scale with your needs.

Rippling’s unified, GDPR-Compliant System of Record connects to and feeds all of your HR-related systems — keeping data updated and secure across every service you use. The platform integrates with 500+ best-in-class applications, including Gmail, Office 365, Slack, Salesforce & countless more – eliminating the need to enter employee data in countless different systems!

Your dedicated Centricity Team will implement, customize & maintain the Rippling platform to best suit the needs of your organization.

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Don’t take it from us….

The Beneson Strategy Group surveyed close to 400 CEOs and HR / IT / Finance executives at companies ranging from 2 to 750 employees to understand the total cost of ownership of their core workforce management systems and found:

  • Group 124

    The proliferation of workforce software point solutions across HR, IT, and Finance has failed to meaningfully reduce the level of staff and hours needed to carry out the routine administrative tasks facing the companies we surveyed.

  • Group 124

    Companies with more than 25 employees that used a workforce system other than Rippling spent nearly twice as much time on administrative tasks, and as a result needed to hire nearly twice as many administrators across HR, IT, and Finance.

  • Group 124

    Rippling customers saw dramatic savings both on headcount and hours spent running administrative and operations tasks.

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