IT Management

Rippling allows you to effortlessly manage employees' apps, devices, data, and security—no matter where they are—in one unified system.

Only Rippling connects all your HR and IT data to one employee record, right out of the box. That way all your HR and IT systems stay in sync, automatically.

Rippling’s next-generation workflow automation allows anyone—from HR to IT—to fully set up employee’s computers and apps in just minutes.

Deploy security best practices across your organization’s apps and devices in minutes. Just toggle on a security feature, like SSO, and customize it to fit your needs.

Rippling also supports security protocols and audit data required for SOC, GDPR, and other compliance standards.

App Management

Rippling provides one unified place to set up, manage, and disable all of your employee apps, like Google Workspace, Slack, and Microsoft 365.

Device Management

Rippling’s Device Management service allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of your employees’ devices, right from your Rippling dashboard – storing, shipping, configuring, decommissioning & retrieving employee computers 100% remotely.

App Management

Automatically add new employees to every app they need, based on role, department, and more, so they’re ready to work on day one.

When you offboard employees with Rippling, you can automatically revoke their access to all of your company’s applications. You never have to remember to turn off their accounts.

Rippling’s Single sign-on (SSO) feature makes your whole company more productive and protected by giving employees centralized, secure, one-click access to all of their apps right from the Rippling dashboard.

Device Management

When you onboard new hires in Rippling, you can buy or reassign, set up, and ship their devices — ready to go with the right WiFi, VPN, apps, and security. Once they receive their devices, everything just works. When terminating an employment relationship, you may lock or wipe devices and then send return boxes and shipping labels to remote employees.