PEO Service

For companies with a highly distributed workforce or other unique complexities, Centricity will facilitate the underwriting and proposal process for Rippling’s #1 rated PEO option (and help you secure substantial pricing discounts on the various Rippling modules).

With Rippling PEO, your team can access big-company benefits—including large group health plans, 401(k) retirement plans, and HSA, FSA, and commuter flex benefits— that you may not qualify for otherwise.

Unlike other PEO’s, you can easily move on and off Rippling PEO as circumstances change. You may grow to the point that it makes more sense to sponsor your own employee health benefits instead of using a PEO. With Rippling, all you need to do is turn off the PEO and transition seamlessly to Centricity’s customer service combined with Rippling’s all-in-one HR platform. Your HR, payroll, and employee data will still be stored in your account, and your integrations with other systems will remain intact. Your employees will have the same logins, and they’ll continue using Rippling the same way they have been.


Case Studies

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