Leave Management

Employee Leave Management administration is a critical part of human resources and operational efficiency.

It not only ensures that employees are taking the time off that they need and deserve but also helps to maintain optimal staffing levels to keep the business running smoothly.


Employees can easily track their leave balance, apply for leave, and know the status of their applications.


What We Do

Your dedicated Centricity HR Team will leverage Rippling’s Leave Management module to implement, customize & maintain the following aspects of Employee Leave Management administration:

Leave Policy

Centricity will help you clearly articulate the organization's leave policy, covering all types of leave such as vacation, sick, personal, parental, and extended leave, among others. We will help you draft and refine a policy that is transparent, fair, easy to understand, and in line with all labor laws and regulations.

Leave Request and Approval Process

Centricity will configure Rippling to provide a clear, user-friendly process for employees to request leave and for managers to approve or deny those requests.

Leave Tracking

Centricity will track leaves on your behalf to ensure accuracy and compliance. This will help prevent instances of employees taking more leave than they're entitled to and can also help you identify usage patterns.


Centricity will help you communicate leave policies and procedures promptly and clearly.

Legal Compliance

Centricity will ensure compliance with local, state, and federal labor laws. These laws often dictate minimum leave entitlements and may have specific rules about how leave accrues, when it can be taken, and how it's paid out upon termination of employment.

Forecasting and Planning

Centricity will help you create custom reports in Rippling using leave data to plan for busy periods and manage staffing levels. This will help ensure that there's always sufficient coverage to meet business needs.

Integration with Payroll

Centricity will configure Rippling’s Leave Administration module to be integrated with Rippling’s Payroll Administration module to ensure accuracy of payments. Leave time may be paid or unpaid, depending on the company's policy and the type of leave, so it's essential that leave records are accurately reflected in payroll.

Accessibility and Transparency

Centricity will configure the Rippling Leave Management module to be accessible to managers and employees. Employees will be able to easily track their leave balance, apply for leave, and know the status of their applications.