Risk Management

HR risk management administration plays a crucial role in protecting an organization from potential losses and lawsuits.


Regular assessments and policy updates to keep you protected.


What We Do

A few examples of HR risk management administered by Centricity follow:


Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Centricity will make certain you are compliant with applicable laws and regulations related to employment – from equal opportunity laws to wage and hour laws, safety regulations, and data protection legislation – so you can avoid fines, lawsuits, and reputational damage.

Data Security

Data Security and Privacy

Centricity has partnered with Rippling to ensure that all HR-related data is securely handled and privacy is maintained so you can avoid legal issues and damage to your company's reputation.

Employee Relations

Employee Relations and Culture

A toxic work environment can lead to high turnover, low productivity, and potential legal action. Centricity will help you create and manage processes to manage conflicts, handle complaints, and promote a positive, inclusive culture.


Training and Development

Without proper training, employees may not understand their responsibilities, which can lead to mistakes and decreased productivity. Centricity will help you leverage Rippling’s integrated Learning Management System (LMS) to help mitigate risks associated with poor performance and misconduct.


Compensation and Benefits

Incorrect payroll processing or unfair compensation practices can lead to employee dissatisfaction, turnover, and legal issues. As your Broker of Record, Centricity will ensure that benefits are administered properly to prevent legal complications and employee dissatisfaction.


Performance Management

Centricity will provide advice, guidance & processes to help you manage underperformance and ensuring all employees are meeting their job requirements. Neglecting this can lead to lower productivity, poor morale, and legal issues if termination is handled improperly.


Emergency and Disaster Planning

From natural disasters to cyber attacks or pandemics, it's important to have a plan in place to ensure the organization can continue to function and employees are protected.

Each organization will have different HR risks depending on its industry, size, location, and culture, so Centricity will conduct regular risk assessments and update policies and procedures accordingly.