Talent Management

With Rippling’s Applicant Tracking System, you can simplify your entire hiring process with powerful sourcing, frictionless tracking, and every report you can think of — so you can fill job openings with the right people at the right time.


Applicant Tracking Features

One-Click Postings

Post openings to every job board with one click.

Platform Sync

Simultaneously publish open opportunities to every platform, from Indeed to LinkedIn, to quickly build your candidate pipeline with the best talent.

Custom Workflows

Set up custom hiring workflows and processes.

Custom Interview Stages

Customize interview stages based on position, department, or seniority, and create approval flows and alerts for any of your company’s open roles.


Automate calendaring and scheduling.


Integrate Outlook, iCal, Google, and more to quickly view people’s availability and schedule each interview stage.

Customized Reporting

Build any report you want, your way.


Easily measure time-to-fill, pipeline, or candidate feedback, and even set alerts to trigger when there are outliers.

Human Capital Management

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